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Madelinetosh yarns, like all hand-dyed yarns, can bleed when wet. This is especially true of strong reds, purples or combinations of those colors. Please take precautions when wetting the yarn to avoid bleeding. White vinegar works well to set colors. Some people also add color-catching cloths for added protection. A simple google search will give you lots of ideas to safeguard your work.

The pictures of the yarns are a rough guide as to color and are not a picture of the skein you will receive. Madelinetosh is known for wide variations in colors and shades. If you need help selecting a color or matching colors, let me know and I will be happy to help. If you want to be certain that the picture is fairly close to what you will receive, please ask questions. I like happy customers and always welcome questions up front to help insure your satisfaction. Thank you.

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